Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Promised List

(Originally posted 03/12/13)
Okay, so I have a very loose definition of "a couple days."  I'm still trying to decide on an external blog host, because the amount of web-design-fu Portfoliobox needs to make a pretty, organized blog takes more time than I should be spending on such things, but until then, I give you the promised list of current and recently finished projects:
  • Epic Mystery Coat (custom commissioned piece)
  • Atomic Riding Coat (personal project)
  • My line of gambesons/arming coats (multiple, both personal and commission)
  • Edwardian Light Strike shield & gun (personal prop/craft paint project)
  • Victorian undergarments (long-running personal project, finally finished)
  • LARP arrow quiver (personal crafts/prop project)
There are some other small projects floating around, as well, but those are the big ones.  Pictures & details later!

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