Monday, December 16, 2013

New Blog Host!

Finally moved the blog over to a Blogger account, as I've been threatening to do for ages.  And, as everybody who will read this when it's first posted will probably already know, I made an official Facebook page for Unpronounceable Designs.  Also I got a Pinterest, and started a Google+ account but then ran away because I thought it was awful... let the social media saturation begin, is what I'm saying.

Next thing I'm working on is just making sure everything links to everything else cleanly and obviously, and getting pictures uploaded.  The link-polishing should be done in a day or so, at which point I'll probably start a really lame scavenger hunt at my personal Facebook and/or Twitter to see if everyone can navigate from place to place easily.

Pictures may take a bit longer.  The ones on the Facebook page will probably go up pretty quickly, because it's a fairly informal venue and I can get away with posting a few less-than-magical photos just to add some color to the place, but the main website is going to involve a lot more picking and choosing and banging-head-on-keyboard-ing.

Then, I suppose the third task is going to be company logo design... I have a picture in my head (have for years, actually), and a few reference pictures, but I'm really not very good at drawing.  I can probably get an okay-ish sketch done as a placeholder, but really, I either need to take a lot of drawing lessons or hand it off to a professional if I ever want something that will make people say "hey, cool logo."

Which brings me to another thing that's been floating around in my head.  It occurred to me the other day that GoFundMe (or some other form of "donate" button) is a thing, and I'm wondering if it's a thing I should have.  There's a long and colorful history in the arts of relying on the kindness of strangers between lucrative projects, and there's a longish list of things that I could (or should) be doing to improve my odds of succeeding in this venture that I probably shouldn't try to afford on my own right now...  Things like the aforementioned logo design and drawing lessons (seriously, lack of drawing skill is my major weakness as a designer, it's a problem that needs to be fixed), contract a real web designer to do a CSS sheet for my site & the blog (I think Blogger supports CSS?), buy up the "" domain for future reference, R&D on speculative patterns, a proper photoshoot with models and everything...  These things are not necessarily cheap, nor are they necessarily one-time things.  I haven't actually looked into setting up said button/account, so I'm not at all certain of the practicalities involved - it may not actually be a thing I want to bother with - but in general, setting up a means to crowdfund what would function as a small business grant sounds like a good idea to me.

Opinions?  Questions, comments, condemnatory remarks?  Feedback is much appreciated!

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